APD Hall Conference Facilities

An accessible Training and Conference facility with Catering and Accommodation in Penina Park, Polokwane.  Call today for a quotation for your next event

APD Hall is a fully wheelchair accessible Conference venue, 5 minutes from  the Polokwane CBD and caters for any type of event.  The main building consist of two small boardroom size halls, accommodating at least 30 -50 people each, depending on seating arrangements.  The main conference hall can seat at least 250 people, and can also be divided into two smaller conference halls that seat 100 and 200 people respectively. The venue also has a enclosed swimming pool and BBQ area. The halls are suitable for any occasion from meetings, conferences, weddings, Anniversary Celebrations to church gatherings.  APD Hall also provides an in-house catering service.


Venues and Rates:

(Venue suitablility is estamated by the amount of guests plus the seating arrangements required)

Pricing as from 1/2/2017

Board Rooms A/B
Chairs = 50
Tables + Chairs = 35     
R 2000.00               
R 1 000.00 Returnable Security Deposit
R 1 000.00 per day
Main Conference Hall
Chairs + 300
Tables + chairs = 200-250    
R 5000.00
R 2 500.00 Returnable Security Deposit
R 2 500.00 per day
Conference Hall C
Chairs = 100
Tables + Chairs = 50
R 3 000.00                
R 1 500.00 Returnable Security Deposit 
R 1 500.00 per day
Conference Hall D
Chairs = 200
Tables + Chairs = 70-120
R 4 00000      
R 2 000.00 Returnable Security Deposit
R 2 000.00 per day
Conference package: (3 Days +)
R 700.00 Returnable Security Deposit
R 700.00 per day
Conference package: (3 Days +)
R 2 200.00 Returnable Security Deposit
R 2 200.00 per day
Conference package:  (3 Days +)
R 1 200.00 Returnable Security Deposit
R 1 200.00 per day
Conference package:  (3 Days +)
R 1 800.00 Returnable Security Deposit
R 1 800.00 per day


  • Capacity is depending on seating arrangements.
  • Deposit is fully refundable if there is no damages
  • Rental of facilities include tables and chairs only.
  • All other requirements/equipment must be requested at booking of venue.
  • Use of in-house catering is preferred/encouraged
  • Prices subject to change.


Swimming Pool & Braai Area
50 x People
R 700.00 Returnable Security Deposit
R 700.00 per day
Court yard (Roofed)
R 500.00 Returnable Security Deposit
R 500.00 per day
Open Grounds
(Suitable for marque tent use)
R 2 000.00 Returnable Security Deposit
R 3 000.00 per day
No Conference package available         
No Conference package available        
No Conference package available



Venue Configurations:




Audio/Video Equipment:

Audio equipment:
6 Channel Audio mixer,     2 x High powered DJ Speakers with stands,    

2.1 Computer audio speaker sets

Lapel microphones,

Roaming microphones,

Microphone stand


Video Equipment:

VGA Projector,    

Portable projector screen,    

DVD player



10m VGA monitor cable,    

20m VGA monitor cable,    

10m RCA Video/Audio cable,    

Laptop Stereo Audio cable, 



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APD Hall Conference centre is regestered on the Government Central Suppliers Database.

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