Nappy Run



South Africa’s children with disabilities

“Children with disabilities and all communities would benefit if society focussed on what our children can achieve, rather than what seems not possible”

(according to UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children with disabilities report, May 2013



The Campaign

 The Nappy RunTM campaign was created in 2011 by the National Council of and for Persons with Disability (NCPD) and the National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy (NAPCP) to make a strong and positive impact on the lives of thousands of children with disabilities, creating awareness of basic needs as well as overall advancement of the dignity, care, development and social inclusion of our children.  In its debut year, it achieved a collection of over 100,000 nappies. This target was doubled with over 200,000 nappies     donated and a successful event held on 3 November 2012/2013.



The Objective

The two-pronged purpose of the Nappy RunTM  campaign is;

(1) to create awareness for our country’s most marginalized and vulnerable group of people by educating the public on the circumstances and rights of children with disabilities.

(2) Secondly, through public appeals for donations of packs of nappies, Nappy RunTM aims to provide the most important incontinence management product for   children with disabilities – the diaper, or nappies as they are more commonly known! And Social Inclusion, Health &Hygiene, Dignity, Edu\cation (a wet child can’t go to school) & breaking    isolation.



When is Nappy Run?

Although the public is called upon to donate nappies throughout the year, a committed drive to raise nappies and to embark on a public awareness raising campaign take place over October and November of each year.



Nappy Run Fun Runs

The Nappy Run campaign culminates in a national Nappy Run fun run event that takes place on the first Saturday of November to coincide with National Children’s Day. Through the cooperation of community organizations, universities, state departments and Associations for Persons with Disabilities, Nappy Run fun run events take place across the country. Keep an eye on our update page for information on Nappy Run fun run events being organized.



Children with Disabilities;

 · Are more vulnerable to neglect, abuse and exploitation than other children.

· Are often poor.  Poverty is both a cause and a consequence of disability.

· Make up 10% of the world’s young people.

· Recognised by the United Nations as the world’s most exposed and vulnerable minority group.

· There are 293 000 – 346 000 children with disabilities in South Africa.

· Have the right to basic education on an equal basis with other children.

· According to White Paper 6, an estimated 280 000 children with disabilities are out of school.

· Have the same unalienable human rights as any other person under the SA Constitution and the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

· Incontinence is associated with some disabilities and children with disabilities have a disproportionately high need for nappies, often up to an advanced age.

· Nappies are expensive and ill-afforded by most parents.

· Nappies are a very important incontinence management product without which the health, well-being and dignity of the child is compromised.



The Outcome



Where can I Donate my Nappies

APD, Limpopo Province office

2 Pafuri Avenue




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Office:015 291 1787
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