Trix Nortman Protective Workshop

The Trix Northman Protective workshop provides Protective Work and Day Care Services to adults with Physical and/or Intellectual disability from Centenary House, Polokwane, Seshego, Nirvana and Westenburg.  The Workshop operates from Monday to Thursday (9;00 – 16:00) and Friday from (9:00 to 13:00) Admittance to the workshop is subject to a pre-screening from the age of 18 years to 55 years.
Residents from Centenary House is situated on the same premises and day workers from the community is dropped of and picked up by their families every day.  Currently the number of disabled people from the community attending the Workshop and Day-care Centre is 22 excluding the residents of Centenary House. Although it is a protective workshop and daycare centre, it still needs to generate its own funds to continue its vital service to the community.
The Workshop sustains itself partly by income generated from:
  • National as well as provincial fundraising campaigns such as Casual Day,
  • Applying for funding from all possible sources such as NLDTF,
Funding received from these sources are pre-allocated and cannot be used for running costs or expenses incurred for service delivery. Therefor the Workshop continuously research possible improvements and opportunities to broaden its services for income generation.
Current means of income include:
  • Daycare fees,
  • Wheelchair & Assistive device repair services,
  • Adult Nappy/Assistive devices sales
  • Making and selling of decorative wood items and furniture made from Pallets
  • Contract work.
It will never be enough to enable the Workshop and Day-Care Centre to become self-sustainable, unless it gets additional contracts and broaden its services
Current activities include:
Protective work
  • Manufacture of decorative wood art and furniture.
  • Gardening maintenance of APD/Centenary House/Workshop grounds
  • Filling of statements in envelopes for local school.
  • Preparing vegetables for Centenary House
Past activities include:
  • Entrance control at Municipal swimming pools.
  • Recycling of paper into environmental friendly firebricks
  • Assembling of energy saving shower heads for Ellies.
  • Sorting and packing of nuts and bolts.
  • Vegetable & Fruit preparation for Fruit & Veg Polokwane.
Day Care and Stimulation
  • Day Care and Stimulation services for adults with Intellectual disability.
  • Voluntary visits from the “ Christian Community Volunteer” every Friday.
  • Regular Sports & Activity days
Care Shop
  • Wheelchair rentals & Repairs
  • Adult Nappies

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